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Your services and products are top notch but your brand image doesn't do it justice.

You are tired of directing energy towards areas in your business that aren't your expertise and you are now ready to put the torch in professional hands.

You feel your brand look doesn't represent you and your business.

Your brand has evolved, and your visuals are now outdated in regards to what you are today.

Your ideal clients love your products but don't engage with your brand.

You are changing the direction of your business and you are looking for someone to guide you through that process.​​


It's hard for you to bring down all the ideas that go through your head and you need someone to help you focus on channeling your energy in a specific direction


We are the perfect fit if:

You've been in business for a while and you know who your ideal customer is

You value craft(wo)manship and you are looking to create something timeless

You are ready to trust a professional to bring all you brand wishes to fruition

Full Transformation


You want the best for your customers and to achieve it, your company needs to be professional in and out. I'm here to make your brand everything that it can be in a process that will be as easy as blinking for you.

Brand Messaging


Goal: gain clarity on your audience, your business and your brand to effectively communicate what you do


Your package includes all the following mouth-watering goodies: 

  • Brand positioning (where): together we find where your business stands to bring out what makes you different from your competitors


  • Brand vision (why): the reason you started this adventure, your why/your core is a key message to transmit to your audience

  • Brand mission (what): what defines you, what you offer and how you offer it, your mission will help you get back in line when you get sidetracked

  • Brand values (how): one of the main things that differentiates you from your competitors is your values, we will define and polish them so what you stand for is crystal clear

  • Tone: in written communication the way you express yourself represents you brand's voice, we'll find your voice so it doesn't get lost int the crowd

  • Messaging guideline:  a comprehensive PDF with all the do's and don'ts and some suggestions to ensure brand coherence

Being clear about what you are, why you do what you do, what for and for whom your service is, is the key to the success of your business. Defining this part will allow you to sell with confidence, being sure of the value you provide.

Brand Identity


Goal: have a beautiful and strategic Brand Identity crafted for you that connects with your target audience


Your package includes all the following mouth-watering goodies: 

  • Custom logo: made from scratch to suit your brand personality and needs. A timeless piece that will continue to hook you ideal clients as time goes on

  • Color palette: we'll dress your brand with a color arrangement that will instill character and passion all over

  • Typeface family: how your messages look are as important as what they say, they set the tone of your brand's voice!

  • Unique pattern: a one of a kind graphic pattern made just for you to be used wherever you like 

  • Marketing template: we'll create an easy to use template of your choice with the new look (eg.: pricing guide, invoice, quote, etc.)

  •  Social media: profile and banner images to make your brand recognizable in all your platforms

  • Brand guideline:  a comprehensive PDF with all the do's and don'ts and some suggestions to ensure brand coherence

Having a defined brand and aesthetic will make your business look professional. You will be at ease knowing your aesthetics represent who you are, and that your brand appeals and connects  in and out with your dream clients.

Brand Coaching


Goal: gain confidence in yourself and your business by going through a discovery process that shines light on your strenghts


My Peculiar method will make you be one with your brand:


  • Confidence: Believing is the first step in this journey. You'll learn to believe in yourself, in me, in your project and in the value of what you offer.


  • Consciousness: we will enter a process of inner discovery in which we will look for your beacons of light, those things that we should be guided by, your lighthouses

  • Create: from the knowledge extracted we will shape your messages and your aesthetic, together we will create your new brand


  • Connect: the whole process is based on the human experience of connecting with oneself, with our purpose and with our ideal client


  • Courage: having passed through the four ces you will realize that you have healed parts of yourself and it will be time to help others do the same with your project


I will accompany you throughout the process, we will have videocalls and you will have access to me to ask all your questions. Coaching will help you feel more than ready to launch your project and get you your first clients.


My job is to make you see what is in you that you cannot see, to offer you the bird's eye view that we all need.

If what I propose resonates with you, click on the button below so we can get in touch and see if we are a dream team.
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The Brand Magic process!


First things first! I will send you a questionnaire to get to know you, your brand and your target audience. This will allow me to design having your ideal client in mind.


I will translate the insights from the questionnaire into a creative brief that includes your core messages, the brand strategy and a sneak peak of the creative direction of your new brand.


We will schedule a call where I'll carefully explain the why behind every element of the discovery phase. We'll use this call to make sure we are on the same page!


With the creative direction approved, I'll get into the actual designing portion of the process. This is the part where magic happens and a unique concept is crafted for your brand.


We will set a call to go over your new brand! We'll go over the fundamentals and the rationale behind your new visuals so you know the story behind the design.


With everything approved we'll move forward to creating the PDF file that encompasses the transformation and the templates and marketing pieces of your choosing.  

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