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Refuge. Experience. Healing. Beauty. Growth. Magic. Handmade. Craft.


Believe in what you do, do what you believe in, and do that only.

about WHAT WE DO



In Peculiar Brand we provide our clients with visual stories and strategies to create identities that align with their own core missions.


We believe that psychology, art and design are closely intertwined and it is in that space where the three touch where we thrive. Everything from digital products, to strategy, to handcrafted goods, fits in the spectrum of what we do. 




Peculiar empowers makers, entrepreneurs and businesses with instrumental values such as sustainability, craftsmanship and positive transformation.


We care. We love our profession and we have deep respect for it. Because of that we collaborate with brands that also care profoundly for the quailty and impact of their products and services. We strive to tag along in making this world of ours better in any way we can. 



about OUR WHY

Peculiar was born from the desire and willingness to embrace one’s peculiarities as one’s biggest asset.

Because we don’t want clients, we seek partners in crime. Because we believe Peculiar is always the right way to go. Because making magic tangible should always be a daily routine. Because being Peculiar means there is just one of you out there, and that, my friend, must be celebrated.



Hello there! I'm Belén, creative director and founder of Peculiar Brand . Nice to meet you!

A bit of context:


After getting my major in design, it was time to dive into the work realm. Having worked for both big and small companies, I soon realized that working for someone else was not for me.


I wanted to work ethically, to vouch for quality over quantity, I wanted to create a  place where being unique was celebrated, a studio where the crafts of art and design were valued and tied together, a place to work smart and streamline processes for clients. So, I went ahead and created it. This is how Peculiar Brand was born and with it a place to call Home, anywhere I (and hopefully you too) am. 


Today the studio is a space both physical and mental, where light and darkness are equally welcomed, inviting the singularity of every individual to add value to every project. A place where clients are partners in crime and work becomes something longed for instead of an obligation. A home for everything weird and unconventional, a place to let your imagination run wild, a refuge from normality and routine, a chance to find your true self and help others do the same.

Peculiar Facts

On another note allow me to get a bit personal, I'm really pro-sharing so here are a few facts about my odd self, please enjoy!


  • Favourite food? Grandma's soup.

  • I'm a lucid dreamer.

  • I find it hard to call myself a designer I usually introduce myself as a creator.


  • I do like being called weird, odd or strange, I find it reassuring (Peculiar, duh).


  • I have more hobbies than I can count, here are some: pottery, Aikido, climbing, drawing, sewing, crafting, bookbinding...


  • If I always talk in plural is because I feel the studio is made up of every single client and collaborator that comes in contact with it, but in reality it's just me (even if it never feels like it)!


  • I talk alone (more than I'd like to admit).


  • I have deep affection for inanimate objects, I believe everything has a name and sometimes it feels my sole purpose is to discover it.


  • I believe in magic, do you?

13 manos coworking logo

Tired of reading?

I get it, facts are cool but visual info is a lot more interesting, so go ahead and take a look at the portfolio.

Would you rather do the talking yourself?

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