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Much of my 2020 has been covered in fog. I have spent many months lost, mired in fog, without focus or direction. I have considered that my magic, my inner light, my chi had abandoned me. That feeling of not seeing, of not feeling or suffering, of being in limbo in which all the body asks of you is stillness, closing your eyes and surrendering to whatever is happening ...

After a lot of struggle, I finally gave in. I stopped looking for answers and started looking for questions. It was  a few months ago in a meeting with three friends when they told me that perhaps to move to the next level I needed to transform. It was the first time in a long time that something seemed to make sense, that something matched my "symptoms." Perhaps to do so I needed to be inside myself, trapped in my own body, still, without feeling or suffering, subjected to the process. I had to let go of the reins and just trust.

I chose to believe that my essence, my magic, and my body are mutating, changing and transcending. Today I know that nature is wise, that my intuition does not fail, and that no matter how strange everything seems there is always a why.

Today I write this because learning to listen to you and the signals that come to you is the best investment you can make for yourself and for your business. Not always "doing more" is what you need, sometimes you just need to stop. Magical right?


Trust yourself, believe in yourself, transcend. Do not be afraid.



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