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Belén Navarro



  • Full Academic Excellence Scholarship for University

  • Bachelor's Degree In Design



  • 2016

    • El Español: Freelance Illustrator and Designer

- I was in charge of developing illustrations, graphics, and various visual elements for the department of "El estilo" (the fashion and style issue) to bring the articles to life. All the illustrations were the heading and cover of every written piece, providing a different perspective and overview of the content.

  • 2017​

    • MCI: Graphic Design Internship at MCI Group​

​- Responsible for the design department in Madrid

- In charge of coordinating the visual aspects of the events with the Barcelona headquarters. The work involved designing everything from aesthetic and brand concepts to websites and merchandise.

  • ​​Telefónica: Graphic Designer at Sponsorships Department

- I provided insight into design, concepts, and brand matters for Telefonica's key assets such as Rafael Nadal or Real Madrid.
- The job entitled: website design, UX/UI, brand adaptations, coming up with new visual and communication concepts, community management, strategizing, communicating, and presenting new concepts to other departments.

  • 2018

    • El Tarro de Ideas: Graphic Designer & Creative​

​- Creating DIY projects for the TV Program "Decoración Creativa"
- Art Directing and photographing all the different projects and processes for the website and social media
- Covering all design needs for the agency's clients: branding, collateral design, creating concepts, mockups...

  • 2014 - Today

    • Freelance work for various businesses and studios

-Writing, Content Creation, Illustration, Branding, Packaging...

- White Label, Collaboration, Subcontracting...

  • 2020 - Today

    • Peculiar Brand​: Founder ​

- A one-stop creative studio for conscious & changemakers businesses. 


"Believe in what you do,

do what you believe in,

and do that only."



  • Branding (Messaging, Strategy & Identity Design)

  • Graphic Design + Packaging

  • Web Design + Basic HTML + CSS

  • Illustration (Digital & By Hand)

  • Photography & Styling

  • Handmade Collateral

  • Writing and Content Creation



  • Mac user

  • ​Adobe Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom, Basic Premiere)
  • Web: Wix, Squarespace, basic WordPress.



  • Public Speaking: Keynote and an audience are my best friends

  • Problem-solving: I believe everything is "hackable"

  • Leading: everyone excels at something, find it, use it, embrace it, grow it

  • Empathy & Intuition: I'm highly sensitive to what others feel and think, it's sort of a superpower!



  • Spanish (Native)

  • English (C1-C2)
  • French (Intermediate)
  • Italian (I'm on it, pronto)
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Not enough?

Learn more about me and my experience in my about page. Let's get personal my friend.



Take a look!

I get it, facts are cool but visual info is a lot more interesting, so go ahead and take a look at the portfolio.

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