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Ever Aster



Ever Aster creates made my hand jewelry full of meaning. From necklaces to bracelets they make sure that you say a lot with every piece you gift without any need for words.



I was approached by Lauren from LolaDesign Co. to create a set of  illustration for Ever Aster as a key part of their new branding. We agreed on going for a handmade look that aligned with the business philosophy. Each illustrations represents a different part of the business once again without the need of words.



Branded illustrations are a wonderful way to tell stories through visual resources. Style, colors, textures and shapes work together to embrace the brand's personality and character of the brand. By having a set illustration you end of a with a full range of assets that you can use for different purposes.


Illustration helps to convey the essence of a brand in a unique way. It makes sure nobody else has anything similar to what we create together, letting your clients know that you care about every single detail of the experience and products you offer them.


Now let's talk about you!



If you are looking to create a well rounded and thoughtful brand that tells your business story and helps you achieve your goals let's talk and make it happen.


Hurry and save your spot in my calendar!



  • Brand development and packaging developed by Loladesign Co.


Esencia Interior

Esencia Interior is an interior design studio that helps small businesses and home owners to find their essence.

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Umbrella Coating

Umbrella Coating uses eco-conscious nanotechnology to protect materials and precious goods from all damage.

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