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We've been relentlessly told that the keypoint of building a new studio is to specialize, to take on a skill and become the best at it. However, this idea of focusing on just one area didn't quite sit with us.


We love art, design and everything in between. Consequently there was a great unwillingness from the beginning to let go of any part of these wonderful realms. 

Therefore, as a result of being unsatisfied with the idea of taking any project that came our way and the imposed need of specializing in a certain area of art or design we stepped out of the line. Hence, we choose to do it all and we choose to do it well.

To do great things you must believe in the vision of that you embarc in.


With this in mind we agreed in tackling only projects that had something special, something different, something that we believed in, something that was Peculiar.  This is how our brand was born.



Our mission

We provide our clients with visual stories and strategies to create identities that align with their own core missions.

Peculiar empowers small businesses and entrepreneurs with instrumental values such as sustainability, personal growth and positive transformation.


We care. We love our profession and we have deep respect for it. Because of that we tend to collaborate with brands that also care profoundly for their work. Thinking big and Peculiar no matter how small the project, is what we live for. We can't help it.


The people



Our services

Despite what the industry dictates we do it all. We are creators, and anything that fits in that spectrum we do, and if we don't, we learn. Challenges are always welcomed. The more the better; the stranger the cooler.

Our services:

- Design

- Branding

- Strategy

- Illustration

- Photography

- Brand Therapy

- Handcrafted goods

If you need any other service not listed above, contact us anyway we are always developing new services to best serve our clients.

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