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Tesla Concept App


In aims of exploring new areas of design we created a concept project featuring a Tesla App, responding to the following brief: 



We are in 2025 and the Tesla electric vehicle company has just updated their Autopilot software to autonomy 5. This software allows private vehicles to be self-piloted without the need for a driver. As a result, a new system has been launched that allows owners to lend Tesla their vehicles to be used as taxis that are self-piloted. The owner of the vehicle can choose which time frames to give their vehicle to the system while receiving an income for it.

 The following must be part of the design:


- Mobile information screen of the status of your vehicles

- Mobile screen where you indicate when you want to use your vehicle

- Web screen where you see the income received

- One page document explaining what you have been inspired by

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tesla iphone app-08.png
tesla iphone app calendar-08.png
tesla 1-03.png

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